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  Hello from Toni and Darren ... Welcome to our website, hope you enjoy it and find it interesting  . We specialise in Dilute & Dun, Miniature & Welsh Ponies.                Please sign the Guestbook so we know you have been.                                                  Then we might get to find your website also . We would also like to say a very special thanks to Chris Ros Photography,as most of our great photos are from her,Thanks Chris...    Also a big thank you to Wayne & Sue Davey , Great  friends that have helped us so much with everything from feet to showing . Thanks Guy's      

 The mafia theme was used due to Oakie being made "The Don" of the "Mini Mafia". The

"Mini Mafia" was formed on a W.A horse forum website. After a friend of Toni's doctor'd a

photo of her and Oakie at a show and put gangster style hat on his head a machine gun in

his 'hand' pointed at Toni. Out of the comments on that photo the "Mini Mafia was born ... 

                                      "The Don"

                                                             (Of "The Mini Mafia")  



                                                        Commonly known as Oakie



                                                      Sgt At Arms                

                                               (For The Don)


                                                         Commonly known as Sarg'



                                        Sarowan Park Desert Warrior


                We would like to thank Rick Brown of Sarowan Park for our lovely

                     new little boy who arrived early morning 16th Feb  ...... 


                            We have nick named him M'goo

                                 "The Enforcer"

                                 (Hitman For The Don)